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Arbroath-Scotland, uk
About me:
Merci-Pour-Le-Venim I am that Emo Mosher person from Arbroath that has a fear of cheese grators and beleves that ninjas are going to take over the world and that Star Wars is a documentary LOL    I'm gonna hold a ceremonial burning of all objects (including people) with anything to do with twilight.
Favorite Music:
Greenday (EPICNESS!), My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Less Than Jake, 30 Seconds To Mars (has tee!), Sherwood, Motion City Soundtrack, AFI, Aiden, Sum 41, Blink 182, +44, (i like bands with numbers! he he) Bowling For Soup, I Am Ghost, The Rasmus, Kill Hannah, Linkin Park, MC Lars, Lost Prophets, AFI, White Stripes, Muse, Bullet for my Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, Placebo, Angels and Airwaves
Favorite TV Shows:
The strangest conversation about pancakes EVER in the history of THE WORLD! (it took place in a McDonalds one morning when a guy was trying to get coffie) McGirl: Hi can I help you? Strange Dude: Yeah hi, can I get chocolate chip pancakes? McGirl: *PAUSE* * BLANK STARE* We don't have chocolate chip pancakes... Strange Dude: Can I get blueberry pancakes? McGirl: We don't have blueberry pancakes.. Strange Dude: What do you have? McGirl: Points to jumbotron menu board towering behind her that can be seen for miles and miles.. We have plain pancakes Strange Dude: Okay, I'll take two with jelly
Favorite Movies:
Star Wars, Pirates of the Carabean 1/2/3, Star Treck,Sweany Todd, The Nightmare Before Cristmas, Edward Scizorhand, The Corpse Bride, Indapendance Day, Transformers, I am Legend, handcock,Alienaoutopsy
Favorite Books:
Darren Shan:Cirque Du Freak Vampires Assistant Tunnels of Blood  Vampire Mountain  Trials of DeathVampire PrinceHunters of the DuskAllies of the NightKillers of the DawnLake of SoulsLord of the Shadows Sons of Destiny Lord LossDemon ThiefSlawterBecBlood BeastDemon ApocalypseDeaths shadowWolfs IslandDark CallingHells HeroesProcession of the DeadKoysan  Philip Pullman  Northern Lights The Subtle KnifeAury WallingtonHEROES: Saving Charlie (A Novel) Stephenie MeyerTwilightNew MoonEclipseBreaking Down- and No that is not a mistakeDouglas AdamsThe Hitchhikers Gide To The GalaxyThe Restraunt At The End Of The UniverseManga/ Anime BleachDeathNoteVampire KnightOtheloWolfs Rain Naruto ParasyteZombie PowderD.Gray-ManAir GearNeon Gneiss Evangelion

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Darren Shan, Billy-Joe Armstrong, Gorge Lucas, Tim Burton, Danny Elfman, The guy responsible for Star Treck, Matsuri Hino, Tite Kubo, Gerard Way, The guys form Mythbusters and many many more :P


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